Absorbing the noise of children
von | 10/19/2012

The Wolverhampton city council is extremely proud of its new school building. After all, it is one of the first passivhaus school buildings in the United Kingdom. Oak Meadow Primary School was designed by Architype Architects, specialists in planning sustainable buildings.

Architype Architects were awarded the commission on condition that the passivhaus building would cost no more than a conventional school building. And the architects certainly stuck to their promise. Architype Architects also made a conscious decision to install natural acoustic panels by Danish manufacturer Troldtekt in the passivhaus building. The natural Troldtekt panels, which are made of wood and cement, recently achieved certification at Silver level within the Cradle to Cradle concept because the panels do not contain hazardous substances and can therefore be returned to the natural cycle as compost.

Their sound-absorbing properties make Troldtekt acoustic panels particularly useful for noisy rooms such as classrooms and sports halls. They are available in various sizes and grades.

The natural qualities of acoustic panels and their impact on the rooms’ indoor climate seem to have a positive effect on the children’s learning too: “The students are more alert and able to take on new information in the afternoons,” confirmed on teachers. The success of this project substantiates the passivhaus concept: plans for two more schools in the area are already underway.

Oak Meadow Primary School is now housed in a passivhaus building designed by Architype Architects, photo © Greg Townsend
The acoustic panels are made of wood and cement, photo © Greg Townsend
The ceilings in Oak Meadow Primary School in the British city of Wolverhampton have been fitted with acoustic panels by Danish manufacturer Troldtekt, photo © Greg Townsend
Oak Meadow Primary School is one of the first passivhaus school buildings in United Kingdom, photo © Greg Townsend
The acoustic panels’ sound-absorbing properties are especially useful in the sports hall, photo © Architype Ltd
The healthy indoor climate in passivhaus buildings means that students are ready and able to absorb new information at the end of the school day, photo © Greg Townsend
Troldtekt natural panels received a silver certification from the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute in San Francisco, photo © Greg Townsend
The architectural firm “Architype Ltd” that designed the Oak Meadow Primary School building specializes in sustainable buildings, photo © Greg Townsend
The construction of the passivhaus building cost no more than a conventional building; leading the local council to commission two further passivhaus school buildings, photo © Architype Ltd

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