Actilight and ewater+ bathroom high tech
von | May 2, 2013

The UV light inside the lavatory lid is no gimmick, but cutting-edge technology. The Japanese manufacturer TOTO has been producing so-called WASHLETs since as long ago as 1980. These are shower-WCs with all the mod cons – heated seat, dryer and odor filter. TOTO has already produced 33 million worldwide, primarily in Japan, where 70 % of households have a shower-cum-WC, but they are also increasingly being used in America and China. The wash functions can be individually set, the temperature of the seat is continuously adjustable and thanks to sensor technology the lid and seat open and close automatically. Yet the latest models boast not only great convenience, but also innovative technology, which helps to save water, maintain high hygiene standards and enable trouble-free maintenance. The innovations presented at the ISH are hidden behind two made-up words: Actilight and ewater+. The UV light inside the toilet lid is part of the high-tech concept for the automatic cleaning of the WC by means of photocatalysis. As soon as the lid closes, ultraviolet light hits the bowl, which is coated with zircon. This triggers a decomposition process of all organic substances. Making the toilet brush largely redundant. Before use, as soon as the lid automatically opens, the lavatory bowl is coated with a fine spray of water, because dirt cannot stick to wet surfaces as well as it can to dry ones. After the flush is operated, a second mist of electrolyzed water is sprayed. This ewater+ is antibacterial and has cleansing properties. This means that with the help of environmentally sound technologies the lavatory bowl can be kept clean for a very long time. A test confirmed to TOTO that even after ten months of use a urinal still looked absolutely clean.

WASHLET NEOREST AC makes use of the technologies ewater+ and Actilight. Photo © TOTO
After use the lavatory bowl is coated with electrolyzed water. The ewater+ is antibacterial and cleansing. Photo © TOTO
NEOREST AC with sensor-controlled lid, zircon-coated bowl and integrated UV light in the seat. Photo © TOTO
TOTO Actilight and ewater+ @ vimeo
This elegant shower-WC (WASHLET SG pictured) uses ewater+ technology. Photo © TOTO
The rod nozzle for personal washing can be set individually. Photo © TOTO
UV light is required for the photocatalytic process. It decomposes all organic substances. Photo © TOTO
NEOREST AC WASHLET boasts Actilight and ewater+. Photo © TOTO
TOTO Actilight @ vimeo