All aboard? – Decos Technology head office by Inbo Architects
von | Sep 1, 2011

The new Decos Technology Group head office in Noordwijk in the Netherlands was officially opened not so long ago. The planners at Inbo Architecten devised a design concept in line with the company's philosophy that encouraged flexible workstation settings. The interior is designed by Ellis Kamerling. In the polygonal building, the lines dividing leisure areas from work places blur. Architects Jeroen Simons and Saxon-Lear Duckworth have developed a mixture of open office and individual info-spots where people can meet and swap information. "The lack of clear divisions actually gives the whole thing the feel of a workshop rather than a rigid office environment," comments Jeroen Simons. The run of the stairs, the glass balustrades and the end-to-end window strips reminds the visitor of a ship's interior, while the edgy building is intended to bring the metaphor of a meteorite fallen onto a rough moon landscape to mind.

Decos, Noordwijk, designed by Inbo Architects | All photos © Inbo l Gerard van Beek