All-in-one solution for balcony and parapet glazing
von | Jan 18, 2011

The system "GM Toproll Parapet", produced by Glas Marte, comprises a variable glass parapet and flexible sliding glass elements. The sliding panes of glass run on several tracks and as such can be pushed to the left or right as desired. In visual terms, in the new system sliding balcony glass elements and parapet glazing are joined. With a discreet profile the system can be mounted on site in spaces in balconies on steel or stainless steel. This allows metalworkers or fitters to construct the support structure themselves. The system will first be presented at BAU 2011 in Munich.

Either as an open balcony with toughened glass balustrade,
The system "GM TopRoll parapet" by Glas Marte
or combined, as a balcony with sliding windows and glass balustrade