An orange-colored temptress
Nov 27, 2009

In the standard version, Kalzip® Aluminium profile panels have a texture that diffusely reflects the light that falls on them. The material used is a seawater-proof alloy and is permanently corrosion-proof thanks to the plating on both sides. Countless different colors and surface finishes are available, affording a variety of opportunities for customized architecture.
All Kalzip® color and surface variants come with a high-grade finish and remain an eye-catcher even under extreme conditions.

A prime example is the Agora Theater in Lelystad, a small town on the Ijsselmeer just outside the Dutch metropolis of Amsterdam. Designed by Caroline Bos and Ben van Berkel of UN Studio, and like many other buildings the company has created, the theater and congress hall attracts attention particularly thanks to its expressive character. The body, with its prismatic folds, is extremely colorful - with its bright orange, and in places yellow and red, it tempts visitors to step inside.

Graphics © Sebastian Reuthal, Stylepark