Appartement in Paris by Studio UdA
von | Jan 23, 2012

The architects at the Turin-based Ufficio di Architettura, or UdA, have designed a Parisian apartment measuring just 60 square meters based on the fairytale of "Little Red Riding Hood".
Their design concept centers on a modern interpretation of the grandmother's little house in the woods described in the tale as very cozy, inspiring the idea of the small structural core in the center of the apartment with screen-printed, shimmering, reddish wood cladding. Otherwise the interior design makes little in the way of direct reference to the fairytale, which, however, makes the design no less fascinating. Ultimately the apartment offers a colorful living space with surprising color and material contrasts, any number of different styles and a quirky detail or two. All the furnishings, with the exception of some mass-produced furniture, were tailor-made for the project.

Project team: Andrea Marcante with Adelaide Testa

Restoration of a 60 sq.m flat in Paris, by Studio UdA | All photos © Carola Ripamonti