Barefoot enjoyment in the Auebad
von | Feb 4, 2014

Just in time for summer last year, Kassel celebrated the opening of the new Auebad – a spacious indoor and outdoor poolworld with just short of 1,600 square meters of aquatic fun space. The design is the brainchild of Munich architects Löweneck + Schöfer GmbH, who won the competition for the poolworld back in July 2009. The spa and sauna zone inside is both modern and open. And kids can enjoy a huge waterworld and themed playground. The different pools and patio-like seating and reclining areas add to the varied and great leisure-time quality you’ll find outdoors here.

The favorable properties of the MYDECK terrace floorboards really play a key role here – they cover some 375 square meters in total. MYDECK stands out above all for its no-splinters and non-slip surface, qualities that are essential to ensure the safety of guests here. And the operators love the low maintenance nature of the boards. To blend with the restrained, mud-colored face, boards from the “Pure Siena” collection have been used, the warm color tones pleasantly complementing the architecture and free space.

The MYDECK boards are made in France and consist of a wood and polyethylene compound, whereby the chips used are a wood industry residue and, moreover, stem from local woods such as spruce or Douglas fir. Garnering the boards a PEFC certificate. The Premium WPC patio floorboards can be handled as if they were solid wood boards, but don’t need sanding or waterproofing. Thanks to the tongue and groove interlocks, they were laid in Auebad with no screws used, which underscores the modern feel of the poolworld and is all the more pleasing for those guests who like to wander about barefoot.

Non-slip surface awarded with the best result C in the wet barefoot area is what the MYDECK boards provide. Photo © Jana Horn, MYDECK
MYDECK gives a 25-year guarantee against tears, rot, splinters and splitting.
Photo © Jana Horn, MYDECK
The special manufacturing process means no waterproofing is required – without the boards losing their color for a long time. Photo © Jana Horn, MYDECK
The new Auebad successfully combines an indoor and outdoor poolworld.
Photo © Jana Horn, MYDECK
The well proportioned building sensitively reacts to the recreation area Auedamm.
Photo © Jana Horn, MYDECK
The new Auebad with MYDECK boards, made of a wood and polyethylene compound.
Photo © Jana Horn, MYDECK
The Glass facade of the Indoorpool with colored blades. Photo © Jana Horn, MYDECK
Color-matched to the façade, the patio floorboards from the “Pure Siena” collection.
Photo © Jana Horn, MYDECK
The MYDECK boards perfectly fit the new Auebad’s modern image. Photo © Jana Horn, MYDECK
A spacious zone with terraced reclining areas offers high-quality leisure-time.
Photo © Jana Horn, MYDECK