Besotted with music, obsessed with detail
The new Linz opera house with its distinctive concrete elements, which envelop the house like a stage curtain. <br>Photo © Simonswerk/Grimmenstein

In an international competition in 2006 it was above all his urban design concept that made the jury choose Terry Pawson to create a new opera house in Linz. With a generous forecourt opening out to the “Volksgarten” municipal park, the theater was given a clear personality with a striking foyer. The design was jointly implemented with the Austrian firm Architektur Consult and archinauten. Characteristic for Pawson’s architectural output are the white concrete elements, which form a second façade and recall a stage curtain. They envelop the entire building and in doing so unite the various areas of the opera house with rehearsal stages, workshops and dressing rooms. In front of the main foyer’s glass frontage the elements double up as additional sun protection. Inside the opera house, the vertical bars crop up again as a key motif: in the foyer and the auditorium in precious acacia wood or in brass.

The building’s timeless aesthetic results from the high-quality materials employed, the reduced formal language, and special details such as the door hinges by Simonswerk. Pale marble in the foyer and reddish acacia for the lamella-like wall paneling make for a timeless ambience, along with gilded balconies in the inner circle of the theater with galleries, which can seat 970 guests. Special attention was paid to the transitions. Take, for example, the doors, which were fitted with the concealed hinging technology by Simonswerk. The TECTUS TE 640 hinges permit infinitely variable adjustment and boast maintenance-free friction bearing technology. And thanks to integrated cables in the TECTUS TE Energy model motor locks can also be deployed without spoiling the door’s sleek look. After all, the flush fitted doors number amongst the sophisticated elements that ultimately make up the opera’s elegant appearance - the result of extensive detailed work.

The new Linz opera house with its distinctive concrete elements, which envelop the house like a stage curtain. <br>Photo © Simonswerk/Grimmenstein
The foyer and staircases are characterized by light marble. TECTUS TE 640 3D energy hinges are fitted in the safety doors to permit a permanent transmission of energy from the frame to the door leaf. Photo © Simonswerk/Grimmenstein
The concealed hinges by Simonswerk make for a flush wall design. Photo © Simonswerk/Grimmenstein
Thanks to the TECTUS TE 640 3D hinges can be infinitely adjusted in height and depth and contact pressure be set with utmost precision. Photo © Simonswerk/Grimmenstein
Inside, too, the blade motif is repeated, here in precious acacia. Photo © Simonswerk/Grimmenstein
All models of the TECTUS TE 640 3D series show a consistent appearance, but nevertheless are availible in different materials and surface finishes. Photo © Simonswerk/Grimmenstein
The hinges by Simonswerk are normally concealed and only visible when open. Photo © Simonswerk/Grimmenstein


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