Block maneuvers in the office
von | Jun 26, 2015

Who among us did not play with them as a kid, those colorful plastic building blocks that Lego created – the Nordic toymaker founded back in 1932 in Billund, Denmark. Part of the company’s success can be attributed to the models’ modular structure: The tiny elements together create a larger whole and kids become house-builders at an early age! In line with the company’s name, as “Lego” derives from the Danish “leg godt”, which means as much as: Play well. The idea was to have this colorful and modular Lego world reflected in the new company offices in Istanbul, the brainchild of interior designers Oso Mimarlık in 2014: They boast bright red and yellow surfaces and are outfitted with office furniture by Nurus. The open-plan office is 350 sq. m in size and home to 23 staffers – then there are also executive offices, a conference room, and a foyer complete with reception desk.

The office furniture by Turkish manufacturer Nurus is ideal for the open plan concept, as the tables, which form little working islands in the large spaces, can be extended at will and thus used very flexibly. For example, the “Gate” workstation system consists of four table modules that are linked to one another by a linear top. This serves both as an additional surface complete with integrated bar into which not only the vanity and noise insulation screens slot, but also onto which shelves can be mounted.

The “Breeze” office chair ensures you sit relaxed and sit actively. The adjustable lumbar support and the curved backrest (it can be locked in three different positions) provide optimal support for the back and neck muscles, thus promising that you end the working day on a relaxed note. Once again, Nurus, a long-standing player in the segment, proves that functional, formally reduced and flexibly expandable office furniture is the key to the optimal and refined use of constrained office spaces.

The gleaming yellow and bright red in the Istanbul Turkish HQ of Lego allude to the colourful toy bricks for which the company is famed. Photo © Nurus
Small islands in the open-plan office: The desk systems from the “Gate” range can be configured flexibly and geared to users’ specific needs. Photo © Nurus
Single-cell offices for the executives: With its wafer-thin desktop and slender legs, “U Too” cuts a fine figure and saves space into the bargain. Photo © Nurus
The chair "Breeze" convinces, due to clever product design: simple and functional, in elegant grey. Photo © Nurus
Outsized building blocks on the ceiling: the ceiling panels are likewise all yellow, albeit cut in different lengths. Photo © Nurus
The “Gate” workstation system enables flexible solutions for each desk. A variety of accessories and different shelving modules can be placed directly on the platform to form intelligent and efficient storage spaces. Photo © Nurus
The “U Too” office table can be extended at will and is ideal for team meetings. Photo © Nurus
Modern work requirements based on open-plan configurations call ingenious product design that ensures plenty of scope. Photo © Nurus
Ergonomic Chair-"Helpers":"Breeze" with curved backrest and height adjustable head rest. Photo © Nurus