Bookstore Modrijan by AKSL arhitekti d.o.o
May 1, 2001

Bookstore Modrijan opened its doors in september 2009. It is located at Trubarjeva ulica 26 in the center of Ljubljana. The bookstore is placed in an old building that was built in 1938. At first there was a sewing place and textil store.
Since that, the buliding has been briefly used as a national magazin, then the state publishing house, then as toy store, then as shop with clothes and finally made over into a bookstore. The whole building is under strict protection, therefore the renovation was demanding.
New bookstore has a little different concept of selling books. The special quallity of the place is the main entrance place, which is almost five meters high and surrounded from three sides with the gallery. This place gives a special charm. Bookstore offers visitors dynamic views on the bookshelfes from different perspectives.