Border-free glass
von | Apr 27, 2010

Glass ceilings ensure that the desired illumination can be achieved with the lighting technology. Particularly for high-end glass ceilings in museums, conference centers, reception areas and public spaces, mounting systems are required that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, while at the same time are as easy to maintain as possible.

"GM KUB 02" by the Austrian company Glas Marte is a mounting system which can be used to secure glass elements at their edges without the need to drill holes or cut out sections. It is a rectangular fastening system mounted on rails with an elegant outward appearance. It enables any glass panel, irrespective of its position in the ceiling, to be mounted and removed at any time without the need for tools. Glass panels can be fixed in place simply by lifting and sliding the patented safety catch. There is no border or standard glass, enabling grid spacing in line with the architectural language. Furthermore, given the choice of glass formats and the opportunities they provide, this system offers a wealth of architectural freedom. No screws, grooves or slots are visible on the surface of the glass; merely the open, 12-millimeter-wide joints can just be seen through the glass, giving an impression of the depth of the space and lighting technology behind it.

restraint system for luminous ceilings by Glas Marte | All photos © Glas Marte Bregenz