Breathe freely and concentrate – with Armstrong ceiling canopies
Dec 15, 2015

Monochrome surfaces and a purist interior: In the offices in the Gebrüder Heinemann SE & CO KG logistics center the interior design exudes a sense of calm and concentration. And the gleaming white acoustic ceiling panels by Armstrong help enhance the ambient mood – while at the same time making the ceilings a real eye-catcher thanks to the canopies’ beautifully curved shapes.

The Hamburg logistics center distributes 70,000 product units a day to around 1,000 wholesale clients. The advisors and dispatchers at the center ensure that distribution is just in time to meet each client’s requirements. The architects at IFB Consulting Engineers and Architects 2014 homed in on the staff members’ needs for a setting that fosters concentration as well as communication, and developed an ingenious workstation concept: “The interaction of light, acoustics and room design meets the highest standards and has resulted in appealing offices that are a joy to experience,” explains architect Frauke Herrmann.

To this end, the ceilings, floors, walls and even the worktops are all in white so that the rooms have a bright and friendly feel to them. Color accents are set by the vanity screens, in discrete linden green, and the acoustic dividing walls in a calm light grey. The glass office doors and stair handrails ensure all spaces are transparent and suffused with daylight. The suspended “Axiom KE Canopy” acoustic ceilings by Armstrong with their integrated downlights deliver both focused lighting and optimal acoustics. The wave-shaped ceiling canopies – courtesy of Armstrong’s “Curved Canopys”, absorb sound and, with the blend of concave and convex shapes, create a striking ceiling that is a real eye-catcher. The canopies are highly light-reflective meaning that the surfaces gleam in bright white, matching the bright surfaces of the workstations. Gebrüder Heinemann SE & CO KG also prioritized optimal room acoustics in their latest logistics center in Erlensee, where the architects opted for flat metal ceiling canopies. With their high sound absorption qualities they are ideal for use in events spaces, reception areas and obviously also in logistics centers, where concentration is definitely the key to success. (sb)

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The Heinemann SE & CO. KG logistics center in Hamburg. From this base, the trading company supplies duty-free shops in airlines, border shops, airports and cruise liners world-wide with articles to cover everyday travel needs. Photo © Bettina Meckel

Feelgood climate for the staff: In the offices, purist furniture and ceiling canopies courtesy of Armstrong, combined with white “Ultima Vector Ceiling Panels” foster a calm and friendly atmosphere. Photo © Bettina Meckel

Air ceilings with a sense of lightness: The mineral-based “Curved Canopy” line panels with their wavy layout accentuate the window areas. Available in a size of up to 1870 x 1181 x 30 millimeters. Photo © Bettina Meckel

Strict symmetry combined with a curved organic shape: The surface of the ceiling canopy is highly light-reflective and thus ensures white surfaces gleam. Photo © Bettina Meckel

The architects chose “Easy Canopys” by Armstrong for the logistics center at Erlensee outside Frankfurt. The flat metal ceiling canopies with their micro-perforated surfaces are easy to install, are non-combustible and provide DIN EN 11654 Class A sound absorption. Photo © SpheroVision Deutschland mediaN GmbH