Chessboard in the office
Jun 23, 2015

Be it a shocking pink or a discrete brown, a single color or a graphic pattern: The design floorings by Swedish manufacturer Bolon infuse each space a with special character of its own. And this is also the case with the newly designed Cisco Meraki offices in San Francisco, where the Bolon floors double up as a colorful guidance system round the premises – and enhance the sense of wellbeing.

Cisco Meraki is specialized in new communications technologies and a subsidiary of Cisco Systems, moved into the spacious new offices in 2013 and commissioned local interior designers A&O with outfitting the total of 110,000 square meters. The team opted for a playful approach, selecting Danish and American design classics, a highly varied mix of materials, and room-in-room structures. In this way, the Cisco Meraki staff can lean back comfortably in chairs and armchairs by Ray and Charles Eames as well as by Hans J. Wegner – or withdraw to enjoy the peace and quiet of the half-open wooden pavilions.

Colorful textiles and surfaces on the walls and floors create a homely atmosphere. For example, the woven vinyl floor tiles by Bolon come in luminescent green, bright pink or soft brown, mixed from the collections “Botanic Osier”, “Botanic Ivy”, “BKB”, “Graphic String” and “Artisan Coal” – denoting both dynamic and quiet areas, and all in all creating a highly varied collage. In the spacious lobby, the sand-colored flooring corresponds to the bright settees, emphasizing the friendly, inviting atmosphere. In the dining area and cafeteria things are a little more colorful: There, the interlocking rectangles in bright and dark green, blue and gray create a sense of vibrancy. And in the leisure zone, complete with table and piano, pink-colored tiles signal from afar that here life is a little more relaxed.

Time for a break: The lounge areas with the low sofas are perfect for a chat with colleagues. Photo © Bolon

No boredom in the cafeteria: Bolon’s interlocking rectangles made of woven vinyl fiber lend the floor a great structured feel. Photo © Bolon

Tactile, graphic patterns for the office. The Bolon floors bring a fresh touch to the rooms at Cisco Merakis. Photo © Bolon

Muted brown, lush green, or soft gray: Bolon drew its inspiration from the world of plants when developing the colors. Photo © Bolon

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