Cool air
von | Mar 19, 2010

A room can be heated or acoustically calmed not only discretely, without any machinery being visible, but can also be cooled without air conditioners or air ducts be discernible.

To this end, the durlum company has developed "Cooltec" cooling ceilings. In order to achieve the best ambient temperature in a room, drafts and unpleasant heat radiation needs to be avoided, as does cold air at ground level that leaves everyone with cold feet. A very effective way of achieving this is to use room cooling surfaces. "Cooltec" cools noiselessly, hygienically, with no drafts," and the sealed water cycle avoids any additional dust or germs. The cooling elements are integrated into fold-down suspended ceiling panels, ensuring they are not visible; by contrast to conventional metal ceilings these ceilings have an additional, decisive function. "Cooltec" is available as sealed suspended metal ceilings or as freely suspended ceiling sails - in practically any shape required.

onment for the individuals occupying the space.
Rooms which are conditioned by chilled ceiling surfaces are taken as more comfortable than rooms which are exclusively conditioned by chilled air.
The chilled ceiling system dur-Cooltec | photo © Durlum