Diffuse sunlight
von | Feb 2, 2011

"Linit" brand profiled glass from the glass manufacturers Lamberts is glass which, on account of its U-shape is extremely resilient and as such is particularly suitable for large surface areas. "Linit" comes in various finishes: from a silky finish and prismatic or linear textures to matte sand-blasted types with various-size grains and the color enameled versions.
US architect Steven Holl frequently uses various forms of profiled glass for his projects. Given the diffuse refraction of the sunlight pouring in, the glass plays a pivotal role in the atmosphere created inside the building.

Facade detail of the "NAMA museum" | Photo © Andy Ryan
Interior view of the "NAMA Museum" | Foto © Andy Ryan
BAU 2011, Munich: Details of a Linit profile glass in the surface, "Ice" | Photo © Stylepark
Detail of the new EcoGlass series by Lamberts | Photo © Stylepark
Linit profiled glass at "NAMA museum" in Kensas by Steven Holl Architects | Photo © Andy Ryan
"NAMA museum" at night, lit from the inside | Photo © Andy Ryan
The Swiss Embassy in Washington, also designed largely with profiled glasses by Lamberts Photo © Andy Ryan
Photo © Andy Ryan
Detail of a profiled glass, which is dyed with ceramic colours on its backside, providing color accents Photo © Stylepark
These glass types are available in various colors and finishes | Photo © Stylepark