Embedded in the landscape
von | Jun 21, 2010

Architects Brett Nave and Lori Ryker from Montana-based architect's office studio.bna designed a house in Wapiti Valley in Wyoming whose outer shape is derived from the design of the interior space. They took their inspiration from the stone formations of the neighboring "Yellowstone" National Park.

The unusual impact the residence makes in the middle of this barren land is further intensified by the consistent choice of material and its coloring. The effect comes from the interplay of color, shadows, textures and shapes, yet what creates and enables the unique connection to the surrounding landscape is the flexible, easy opening of the glass facade. This makes it possible to experience the sense of space in the Wapiti Valley.

Fixed windows were installed above and to the side of the Solarlux folding glass door. Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling height of the entire glass façade, plentiful daylight enters the interior.

In the recently published re-edition of company's own reference brochure "Spaces Living" Solarlux presents its most interesting architectural projects realized worldwide.

Private residence in Wapiti Valley in Wyoming, United States | All photos © Solarlux