Farm and luxury hotel in South Arica
von | Nov 14, 2011

The "Babylonstoren" farm is one of the oldest and best-preserved vineyards in South Africa – it was built in the 17th and 18th centuries in the Cape Dutch Style. Originally geared to the European climate and social conditions, in the course of time that buildings were adapted in the Cape Dutch style to South Africa's climate and social structure. Thus, the buildings were given thick walls to alleviate the summer heat and given a whitewash finish. In the countryside, owing the large distances to the nearest settlement and the lack of guesthouses, the farms tend to have opulent gardens, large kitchens and reception areas for guests. The face of the buildings changed as the population became more prosperous. The original simple central gables gradually became more and more ornate. The acute angle was replaced by curved gables.

Babylonstoren has been converted in its entirety, including the barns, storage rooms and the marvelous gardens, into a luxury farmhouse hotel with all modern conveniences. Guests in the five-star hotel reside in 14 suites they are spread across the grounds. The interiors are plain, but extremely luxurious. The kitchen in each suite affords a glorious view out into the hilly surroundings and of the gardens. Anyone not wanting to cook themselves can dine in the splendor of the hotel's own restaurant "Babel", a restored cowhouse.

Historical manor house with ducks
Wall built in Cape Dutch style - with a bell in the archway
View of the garden - most of the food served at "Babel" restauranrt comes directly from the manifold products of the garden
Babylonstoren in the vicinity of Cape Town, South Africa - view into the yoga studio | All photos © Babylonstoren
Renovated suite with attached glass pavilion for cooking and eating
An apartment at dusk