From floor covering to surface for furnitures
von | 10/26/2011

Linoleum is highly versatile and can be used in numerous places, be it in homes or in universities, in museums, offices or labs. Given its exceptional resilience to wear and tear, its ecological advantages (it can be wholly made from regenerative raw materials) and the countless different designs it can boast, linoleum is especially suited as a floor covering. The Armstrong company repeatedly launches new collections of the fabric made from natural linseed oil. Alongside the single spot-color classic "Walton", the range includes patterned and textured surfaces. For example, there's the "Alumino" linoleum in the "Lino Art" collection which is a linoleum floor covering featuring an additive of real metal flakes. Other floor coverings, such as "Mamorette AcousticPlus", also reduce the sound of feet by as much as 17 decibels.The "Lineoleum Form" collection shows admirably how the material in a slightly different form is suitable not only as a floor covering. The material was developed specially for use as a surfacing for furniture. Available in nine full-spot colors, the linoleum is highly malleable as a furniture surface and, moreover, gives rise to a vast array of classical and new edge solutions.

"Lino Form"
"Lino Art"
"Marmorette PUR"
"Scala 100 PUR"
"Contour PUR"
"Uni Walton PUR"
"Scala 100 PUR"
"Strong 956"
Collection "Lino Art"
Collection "Medintone"
"Lino Form" for use on furniture surfaces | All photos © Armstrong DLW
"Lino Art"
"Favorite PUR"
"Design Cut"
"Lino Form"
"Uni Walton PUR"
"Uni Walton PUR"
Detail "Scala 100 PUR"
"Contour PUR"
Detail "Max Plank"


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