Fully automatic corner openings and telescopic drive
von | Jan 19, 2011

Even Sky Frame's sliding window sections that are positioned on two sides of a corner can be opened soundlessly - by the press of a button on the wall or a handset. The secret: newly developed and invisible motorized telescopic cog drives. The sliding sections can be dimensioned up to four meters high and use either tempered safety glass or laminated safety glass if clients choose the certified version delivering resistance category 2 for greater burglary proofing. In order to avoid disturbing the aesthetics of the frameless sections, the drive is mounted inside the frame without any additional service flaps or faring. Stainless-steel tracks provide optimal glide for the large doors. The window wings are automatically unlocked when you press ‘open' and relock when you press ‘close'. In the event of a power-down, manual operation is possible, despite the presence of the drive.

By opening the sliding doors at the corner no further rung is necessary. The complete thermal separation of the frame sections provides excellent insulation values
Details of the telescope drive. Covering an area of more than twelve meters the glass panes can be opened automatically | All photos © Sky-Frame
Stainless steel rails provide optimum running characteristics of the large glass fronts