Glass protection
von | May 12, 2011

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, can look back on a vibrant history as a city on the border of countries, religions and political interests. With the construction of his family home, a developer in Vilnius has preserved a piece of medieval history. The house was built on the site of a former canon foundry dating from the Middle Ages. Demolition work and the renovation of the old walls revealed the special quality of the rare hand-made bricks, which back then were produced by local brick works. In a clear gesture of their appreciation of them, the developer and the architects in the Lithuanian firm UAB Architektu biuras G.Natkevicius completely surrounded the historical walls with a glass cube.

The house is located in the middle of a park and affords a 360° panoramic view of the landscape. In addition to a library, several bedrooms, spacious living and dining areas, the house also has room for a Turkish bath and an extensive garden and courtyard.

The historic walls are surrounded an protected by a black-framed glass facade by Schüco
Dining table with "XXL" pendant lamps by Ingo Maurer an chairs by Molteni & C
Single-family home in Vilnius. Lithuania | All photos © R. Urbakavičius
Large, dark tiles by Apavisa. A modern spiral staircase is connecting the old and the new living area