Glass room divider: Open, communicative and almost undisturbed
von | Feb 23, 2010

Over the last few years, demands on the workplace and the immediate vicinity have changed. Modern workflow requires people and space to be flexible and dynamic and at the same time promotes this process. Rigid floor plans appear increasingly counterproductive. Thanks to innovative room partitioning systems, rooms can respond more effectively to conversion demands - be it for working purposes or company events.

Given the lighter weight of individual elements and the fact that they can thus be moved around more easily, rooms can be created in the shortest space of time. As a standard, individual partitioning elements are fitted with ComfortTronic, a fully automatic propulsion system which replaces the common manual cranking routine to guide the upper and lower sealing strips in and out. If two MOVEO elements touch each at the front edge, the sealing strips automatically engage within a few seconds.

"DORMA has enabled us to practically double the space in Haus der Kommunikation by means of MOVEO glass dividing walls. Today we can change the character of a whole floor depending on the mood, standards required, customer or usage situation: sound-proof and opaque for confidential client meetings, open and transparent for daily work. And for events and presentations we can make the walls completely disappear. It is quick and easy, plus it also looks good," says Benedikt Göttert, CEO of Serviceplan in Berlin, one of the leading advertising agencies in Germany. In line with management wishes, flexible and transparent room partitioning systems were used in the attractive and newly designed loft of the Berlin agency so that this area is ready for a very diverse range of uses.

Gaining space with MOVEO glass partition walls
Transparent rooms with an enormous acoustic insulation up to 50 decibel
Integrated shutters defend from curious viewers and enable an undisturbed conversation
Minimal Frame: The long side is made of 30 millimeters, the head side and the base is made of 118 millimeter profiles
MOVEO glass partition systems | All photos © Dorma
The single element is very light and combined with swivel head mounted track rollers
Due to MOVEO glass partition walls the office of Serviceplan, an agency based in Berlin, is able to separate their working space into three autonomous rooms
Detail of the integrated shutters
Due to the flexibility of MOVEO glass partition walls it is possible to divide the space into temporary needed sections