Gold comes, gold stays
von | Jul 11, 2010

The gilded material "TECU Gold" by KME, an alloy made of copper and aluminum, is primarily used to clad buildings. The material begins to tarnish soon after it has been applied to the object and gradually produces an impressive warm gold-gleaming surface which looks unmistakably like the precious metal even if it does not glitter. When used inside, however, the original shiny yellow gold color remains.

Facades covered in TECU Gold exude a clear and unique quality. The material offers good mechanical resistance to abrasion, is extremely resistant to corrosion, is hardy and rigid. And thus the symbolic quality which the material communicates is guaranteed for many years to come. These positive properties are also undoubtedly a reason why increasing numbers of architects and planners decide on this expressive material. Gold comes and stays!

Here we show a variety of projects in which the material TECU Gold has been used - at times in panels, at times in expanded metal or shingle form, or in a specially perforated custom version.

photo © Henning Koepke
photo © KME
School in Landshut, Germany. Cladding: TECU® gold, panels | photo © KME
photo © KME
photo © KME
When used inside, like here at a music school in Essenbach, Germany, the original shiny yellow gold color remains. Here the cladding is arranged in a double standing seam system.
Police station in Erding, Germany. One side is completely covered in TECU® Gold mesh profiles. | photo © KME
And as well parts of the interior of the police station are covered all over with TECU® gold. | photo © KME
photo © KME
Le Safran festival hall, Brie Comte Robert, France: All covered in a TECU® gold shingles. | photo © KME
Office building in Graz, Austria where also a shingle system was chosen. | photo © KME
And also this new building of a bakery store in the near of Innsbruck, Austria has been planned in an elegant coverage of TECU® gold panels. | photo © KME
Nursery of the Technische Universität Munich. Wall covering in TECU® gold, cassettes | photo © Henning Koepke
Office Building in Starnberg, Germany. Facade cladding in TECU® gold, system shingles | photo © KME
photo © KME
A new abbey for munich. Covered in TECU® gold, NET | photo © KME
photo © KME
Museum in Erding, Germany. Facade cladding: TECU® gold, system shingles | photo © KME
Used for facade cladding the material begins to tarnish and gradually produces a warm gold-gleaming surface. | photo © KME
Also another part of the facade is stringed with the golden TECU® NET. | photo © KME
An adjacent cold storage house to the police station is covered with a special cladding of TECU® gold panels. | photo © KME
In 2007 the Switch+ Pavilion in Münster, Germany was completely covered in perforated TECU® gold cassettes. | photo © KME
photo © KME
The entrance of a church in southern Germany, as well made of TECU® gold. | photo © KME
photo © KME