Golden pulsations
Jun 9, 2015

Last year Bang & Olufsen opened its new flagship store in the Danish city of Herning: “Nexus” not only attracts lovers of music with exquisite audio experiences, but is well worth a visit for its spectacular architecture alone. Above all else it’s the golden gleam of the façade with which the architects at Arkitec A/S enveloped the free-standing structure that draws all eyes on the building even from a distance.

Ever since the company’s foundation in 1925 the Danish consumer electronics manufacturer has not only developed hi-fi systems with outstanding acoustics, but has always set great store by their design, too. Designer Jacob Jensen’s futuristic concepts for tuners and amplifiers in the 1960s made Bang & Olufsen the trailblazer for cutting-edge audio systems on an international scale. To this day they are among the most coveted design icons. Ergo the new outlet in downtown Herning had to be equally as prestigious. To fit the brief Lars Sternberg of Arkitec A/S created a compact two-story cube with rounded corners and partially wrap-around windows that makes a mark in the cityscape with its golden shimmering perforated sheet façade, “Tecu Gold Paneelen”.

The tiny perforations in the panels, arranged in undulating lines and tendrils to make a most delicate pattern, only reveal themselves upon closer inspection. At night the fine pattern really “comes to life”, when automatically controlled rear-mounted LEDs add an impressive luster to the façade. What makes the construction so special is that the lighting ribbons respond to the proportion of natural daylight and thus begin to pulsate rhythmically as soon as dusk falls. Giving the impression that it’s the musical equipment inside the building that sets the pace for this performance. This way Bang & Olufsen’s new flagship store “Nexus” invites people to immerse themselves in perfectly fine-tuned product culture even at night.

A compact golden building: Bang & Olufsen’s new flagship store on Herning’s city square. Photo © Bang & Olufsen Store, Herning

RMIG’s perforated sheet façade “Tecu Gold Paneele” gleams golden in the sunlight but is perfectly free from glare. Photo © Bang & Olufsen Store, Herning

Tendrils on the façade: The panels’ fine, undulating lines reveal themselves only at second glance. Photo © Bang & Olufsen Store, Herning

The building’s austere geometry is softened by rounded corners to lend the outlet a gentle and more inviting appeal. Photo © Bang & Olufsen Store, Herning

At night the golden surface is visually reduced, giving way to bands of pulsating light. Photo © Bang & Olufsen Store, Herning

The light accentuates the edges of the façade and draws attention to the logo and the display windows. Photo © Bang & Olufsen Store, Herning

Play of transparency and light: The perforation in the panels lends structure and an impression of depth to the façade. Photo © Bang & Olufsen Store, Herning