Welcome to the new Stylepark world!

Dear Readers,

The Stylepark website has a new look.

It is more than 16 years ago since Stylepark established the world’s first database platform for discerning architecture and design products. Stylepark is the original, quality platform for architecture and design.

It´s not about everything,
it´s about the best.

That is definitely our guiding principle. And we have of course relied on it in implementing our latest relaunch.

The structure of the website and the one or other format may now have altered, but the focus of our activities continues most definitely to be on a careful selection of the presented products and systems, outstanding editorial quality, and a clear graphic design.

In other words: Stylepark is still Stylepark, with everything that has characterized us to date.

For you as users the website now also offers several innovations:

Firstly, we have installed a simpler search function, the data structure has had a thorough make-over and the full text search markedly improved.

Now information and inspiration are even better networked with each other at all levels.

Secondly, thanks to its responsive web design, our new website not only looks good on desktop computers, but also on all tablets and smartphones. Try it for yourself, you will love it!

Thirdly, “News&Stories” has now become the “Stylepark Magazine”.

Be it magazine articles, featured articles, featured projects or specials, in the future all formats will be presented more flexibly and attractively.

And overall, you will find a more contemporary design, something that will also appear in our Newsletter.

Fourthly, the new website enables us to deploy new advertising formats such as video triptychs, billboards and priority products. Moreover, our tried-and-tested Specials and Featured Projects
will be given a new, more prominent position.

In fact, all this is just the beginning. Many other exciting changes are set to follow as an ongoing process.

Get involved: Tell us what you think of our new website so that we may better accommodate your interests and needs.

We look forward to receiving your feedback!

Write to us at

Finally, I would like to personally thank everybody who through their untiring efforts helped make this relaunch possible.

As always, we wish you a lot of fun reading, looking, pondering and discovering things.

Stay curious about the Stylepark world!


Robert Volhard
Founder and publisher