Images pointing in all different directions
Mar 25, 2014
The new school’s intriguing frontage appeals to its pupils and others. Photo © RMIG

Commissioned in early 2013, the new North Star School in Frederikshavn, Denmark, is now home to some 1,200 pupils from what were previously three different schools. The smart single building masterminded by the architects at Arkinord A/S and Arkitema K/S has a star-shaped footprint and a GFA of 13,500 square meters – spread across two floors. The unusual layout creates courtyards between the building’s wings, which the architects used to house playgrounds and sports facilities. Moreover, by accommodating the classrooms in the points of the star they also made certain the pupils and teachers enjoy maximum natural light and ventilation.

What is unusual about those five extensions is that, despite their wedge shape, they do not taper into an acute angle but culminate instead in wall slabs of up to 80 square meters in size. The metal façades display silhouettes of items that typically characterize different geographical regions, creating a visual link with the direction in which each of the building wings is pointing. As such, the western façade shows the United States and Great Britain, while the other façades display features from Scandinavia, Africa, the Middle East and the North Pole.

The graphic designs by were carefully transferred onto the façades using a special perforation system by RMIG. ImagePerf is a patented technology that enables thousands of precision perforations of different sizes to be made – possible templates include CAD drawings and photographs. In total the project required some 500 square meters of perforated steel plates; these are mounted on a sophisticated base frame that RMIG provides as part of its services as it enables many different components to be joined with complete precision. The ensemble now gives the school its unique and distinctive character. Made of 2mm hot-dip galvanized steel plate, the base is very low-maintenance and perfectly suited to the building’s location near the sea.

The new school’s intriguing frontage appeals to its pupils and others. Photo © RMIG
The fronts of the five building wings display different graphic designs by Photo © RMIG
A new building masterminded by Arkinord A/S and Arkitema K/S to house for 1,200 pupils from what were previously three schools. Photo © RMIG
Low-maintenance and sustainable – 2 mm hot-dip galvanized steel panels. Photo © RMIG
Desert landscapes and pyramids symbolize Africa. Photo © RMIG
ImagePerf is a perforation technique by RMIG designed to transfer enlarged photographs, illustrations and visualizations onto metal façades. Photo © RMIG
Different perforation sizes mean that themes can be reproduced in very fine detail. Photo © RMIG