In the souk in Abu Dhabi
von | May 16, 2011

The firm of architects Foster + Partners has completed a new shopping mall in Abu Dhabi. The new “market place” was designed in the style of traditional Arabian markets, or souks. The light pouring in through large stained-glass ornamental windows, which are an important design element in the almost 15,000 square meter shopping center, create a very special atmosphere on the inside of the building. The seven meter-high and 2.80 meter-wide façade sections are made of glass in various shades of blue and yellow. Its special shape is particularly striking: The panes of glass are surrounded by a steel frame, which creates a geometrical pattern of stars and polygons. The architectural glass manufacturer Okalöux developed and produced the insulated glazing in line with Foster + Partners’ stipulations.

The insulated glass panes are made of a compound of sun protection glass on the outside and colored glass on the inside, ensuring a pleasant ambient temperature throughout the year and a unique lighting atmosphere.

The new "Souk" (Central Market) in Abu Dhabi, designed by Foster + Partners | All photos © Irfan Naqi