Indestructible, ecologically beautiful
von | Jun 30, 2010

The boarded floors by Mydeck lend themselves particularly to interiors subject to a great deal of wear and tear, and are also very well suited for exterior decks such as terraces and outdoor swimming pools. The planks consist of approximately 50 percent hardwood, which is a waste product of very fine sawdust, and of 50 percent new polyethylene, which is mostly used in the food industry. Using a patented process, this sawdust combination is melted and then molded in the form of floor planks.

Apart from the very realistic imitation of wooden planks (in terms of appearance, you can hardly distinguish them from solid wood planks), the Mydeck boards can be sawed and polished like traditional wood planks, with the crucial difference that Mydeck planks to not splinter. This is not the only decisive advantage the ecological composite has to offer: The planks are skidproof as well as enduringly salt water resistant and weatherproof, which saves intensive and expensive care and maintenance.

The floorboards are 13.5 centimeters wide and 2.5 centimeters strong and come in different lengths. The boarded floors by Mydeck are available in the colors: sand, basalt, redwood, tropical teak, rosewood and walnut. Moreover, clients can choose between fine-brushed or coarse-grained surfaces.

The exterior of a school with basalt grey outdoor flooring by Mydeck | all photos © Mydeck