Integrative ceiling systems
von | Oct 24, 2010

Belgium company Kreon aspires with its modular ceiling system to give architecture a simplicity and unity. Yet it achieves simplicity without reducing things without thinking. Instead it understands simplicity as the concentration and synthesis of the complex requirements contemporary architecture makes of our ceiling systems. Kreon ceiling solutions are therefore also more than just something covering a ceiling. They provide a uniform solution, integrating all the facility technology that needs to be housed in the ceiling: Illuminations, ventilation, cooling, heating, fire protection and much more besides. A durable architecture of simplicity and tranquility rests on precision if it is not to appear trivial. The more you compress, eliminate and simplify, the greater the importance of the details. It is this unity and simplicity of detailing that gives rise to a vey special architectural style.

Ceiling solutions by Kreon | all photos © Kreon