It’s a full house on Fridays!
von | Sep 14, 2012

At management consultancy Booz & Company, those who have spent most of the week working client-side have to be back in the office by Friday at the latest. Here, “Office Friday” facilitates exchange among the whole team and provides an opportunity to plan for the coming week. This is all part of the cost-saving concept, “Office of the Future”, developed for the consultancy by interior design firm Mertens. In order to fulfill the company’s wide-ranging and variable requirements of their office space, Mertens evaluated the job profiles and attendance schedules of Booz & Company employees and channeled their findings into the new concept. But while the concept foresees a reduction in the number of fixed workstations, it still maintains a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere.

In addition to improvements made to flooring, lighting, acoustics and furnishing, Mertens created an informal communication hub, the office’s atrium, a fusion of conventional reception, waiting and lounge areas. This is where guests are greeted and provided with refreshments from the adjacent coffee point.

Open office structures with assigned and unassigned standing and seated stations are arranged around this central area and are used in turns by on-site employees. Individual and team offices, telephone booths and conference rooms can be booked as required. The desks “Winea Pro” and conference tables “Twister” used here are made by Copenbrügge-based office furniture manufacturer WINI.

The new, space-effective office concept “Office of the Future” has saved the consultancy 45 percent on their lease costs, which has in turn provided them with financial means for the technical and functional improvement of existing workstations – to the employee’s complete satisfaction.

Office furniture manufacturer WINI produced “Winea Pro” height-adjustable desks for the project, photo © WINI Büromöbel
The sheltered telephone booths ensure that employees remain undisturbed during telephone conversations, photo © WINI Büromöbel
The conference area can be divided up into smaller spaces as required, photo © WINI Büromöbel
Meeting room equipped with flat-screen display, photo © WINI Büromöbel
The Frankfurt branch of management consultancy Booz & Company is located on Bockenheimer Anlage, photo © WINI Büromöbel
The lounge area is part of the office’s central communication hub, designed for the management consultancy by interior design firm Mertens, photo © WINI Büromöbel
Desks are available to employees working in-office as required, photo © WINI Büromöbel
Temporary workstations reduce the total amount of space required and thus lower the company’s rental costs by 45 percent, photo © WINI Büromöbel