Karim Rashid sets the floor swinging with Villeroy & Boch Tiles
Dec 21, 2015

Designer Karim Rashid’s signature style can be glimpsed wherever you go in Hanover’s new “Prizeotel”. The bold and cheerful interior design is part and parcel of the budget design hotel brand. Last year, another hotel had already opened in Hamburg, near the wholesale market. Here the rooms offer high comfort beds, flat screen tv, musicLamps with Bluetooth and especially statement colors paired with an interior that loves to play with rich and intricate shapes will readily remind the one or other guest of the Pop culture of the 1960s and 1970s.

The concept succeeded and so you will find the interior design also in the newest hotel in Hanover located on Hamburger Allee in the east of the city as the latest coup by “Mister Blob” (as his designer colleagues like to call Rashid), who has always set great store by making sure a wide audience gets to experience his fancy designs. Open since last September, here business travelers and tourists alike can delight in Rashid’s very own universe – whether in one of the 212 designer rooms or as they enter the lobby, flanked by a lounge in which pink, blue and white are the dominating colors and the furniture catches the eye with its flowing silhouettes.

This also holds true for the extraordinary floor covered with custom-made tiles by Villeroy & Boch Tiles, whose undulating lines in different grey tones combine into a vibrant pattern that lends the floor a sculptural quality and a three-dimensional effect. Rashid had the floor tiles made in the Artifactory, a specialist unit within Villeroy & Boch Tiles whose expert staff used digital printing technology to put the designer’s wishes into practice. Rashid relied on sophisticated geometries and three-dimensional color effects to bring out the best in this floor – not only did the manufacturer embellish the ceramic tiles by hand-painting them or carving subtle reliefs into the surface, but was also able to produce exclusive one-off prints from individual designs. Thus fully embracing Rashid’s motto, which is: Immerse yourself in your own personal bubble; there is plenty of conformism in the world already. The Artifactory is one of the word wide rarely studios, which produces exclusive designs with it’s unique copies. True to this motto, there are countless possibilities for an extraordinary and personalized surrounding, which matches perfectly with the wishes, preferences and ideas of the clients and architects. (sb)

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Statement colors and flowing silhouettes: New York designer Karim Rashid is the brain behind the latest addition to the „prizeotel“ chain of design hotels in Hanover. The building with bold echoes to 1960s Pop culture welcomes business travelers and tourists alike. Photo © BY PRIZE MANAGEMENT GROUP, DESIGN BY KARIM RASHID INC. & FOTO BY ERIC LAIGNEL

Villeroy & Boch Tiles provided the perfect solution for the floor in the lobby: Custom-made and featuring a wave-like pattern, the tiles emanate a decidedly sculptural look-and-feel for a special design experience. Additionally there are wall tiles with green and blue leveling, various motives and with an opal surface. Format 30 x 60 centimeters. Photo © BY PRIZE MANAGEMENT GROUP, DESIGN BY KARIM RASHID INC. & FOTO BY ERIC LAIGNEL

Show your colors: The public restrooms on the ground floor captivate visitors with their asymmetric mirrors, bright yellow washstands and royal blue tiles by Villeroy & Boch Tiles. Photo © BY PRIZE MANAGEMENT GROUP, DESIGN BY KARIM RASHID INC. & FOTO BY ERIC LAIGNEL

Karim Rashid also masterminded the design of the Hamburg „prizeotels“: The 500-square-meter lobby complete with restaurant now features a wave-like pattern composed of delicate blue and white lines. Photo © BY PRIZE MANAGEMENT GROUP, DESIGN BY KARIM RASHID INC. & FOTO BY ERIC LAIGNEL

Here too Rashid used the wallpapers and the floor as “canvases” whose patterns reflect the lines of the furniture. The undulating floor pattern alludes to flowing water – in reference to the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Photo © BY PRIZE MANAGEMENT GROUP, DESIGN BY KARIM RASHID INC. & FOTO BY ERIC LAIGNEL