Light, elegant and durable
von | Jan 28, 2013

You would never guess from the outside: Visitors to the Corian® stand, sipping on a freshly-mixed cocktail at the bar, which is of course made of Corian® itself, certainly didn’t notice. But in reality, there was a small revolution going on, lurking just behind this façade. The new composite developed by Reinhard Reis, master carpenter and managing director of Reis furniture systems, is a combination of a 4-mm-thick Corian® panel sandwiched to a lightweight-foam panel using a special adhesive. This allows for a 50% reduction in weight compared to a conventional 12.3-mm-thich Corian® panel.

The bar that took center-stage at BAU 2013, the first creation by Reinhard Reis using the new material, provides a prime example of its advantages. It consisted of uniformly sized cubes glued together; each of them has sides measuring just 450 mm, making them easy to transport and assemble on site, and facilitating further processing. These qualities make this new material the ideal solution for versatile retail or trade-fair displays.

Thanks to its thermal malleability the new composite can also be further enhanced to include additional features, and thus customized to the intended use. This opens up a world of new possibilities in terms of design and applications – both indoors and out. Be it large façade elements or new components for use in automotive production, on trains or ships – this newcomer is a real all-rounder!

A special adhesive is used to connect the 4-mm-thick Corian® panel with a lightweight-foam board, photo © DuPont™
Master carpenter Reis used the new composite material to form cubes which he then combined to create an inviting bar, photo © DuPont™
When glued to one another, the Corian® cubes deliver a high level of stability, photo © DuPont™
The newly developed composite is made to be thermally ductile, photo © DuPont™
Material manufacturer DuPont™ now has a new composite material made using Corian® and designed by master carpenter Reinhard Reis, photo © DuPont™
Thanks to the thin Corian® panel, the composite is lightweight and thus perfectly suited for creating interior fixtures, photo © DuPont™
The cubes have sides measuring 450 millimeters, photo © DuPont™
Their light weight makes these components particularly well suited for use in retail and trade-fair displays, photo © DuPont™