Look out without looking in
Mar 20, 2010

The detached home in Utrecht was created by Dutch architect Rocha Tombal and catches the eye primarily for its extruded openings, which point in all directions and offer a view all round the outside of the house. The openings comes with an additional pane of glass such that the glass' reflection covers the window frames on the inside, which are thus only in evidence at second glance. Moreover, the complete house, with the exception of the glazed look-out holes, is covered with planks of wood.

Inside, the surfaces perfectly abut such that wall edges are merely fine lines. Thin lines indicate that there is a door concealed behind. The doors themselves seem to be movable pieces of a wall outfitted with a door knob, such that the doors and walls blend to form a seamless line of wooden cladding. If the doors are closed, then the room is enveloped by an almost complete uninterrupted line of straight surfaces to convey a homely feel. The cupboards which are flush-mounted into the walls and thus as good as disappear, simply serve to emphasize this impression.

Even the book cases fits the desire for restraint and conceals its anchorings and angle brackets. Only the power sockets and the technical facilities are present as bulky white shapes.

all photos courtesy of Hennie Raaymakers/DAPh
all photos courtesy of Hennie Raaymakers/DAPh