Looking through the space in-between
von | Mar 15, 2011

The corner is sharp over which the saddle roof rises up. In Riedikon in Switzerland, architects Gramazio& Kohler have designed a detached home that can definitely only be called simple at first glance. The fact is that it takes up the customary typology of the saddle roofs of houses near-by and reinterprets it completely.

A strip of windows running parallel to the eaves supports the horizontal structure only from the inside perspective, as the house is clad right round in 315 vertical slats of wood, imbuing the façade with a sense of closure. By means of milling, the cross sections of the slats have been modulated in the area of the window strip such that different softly-blending areas are created in which there are differing degrees of transparency, meeting the diverse requirements for visual and solar protection. Thus no one can see into the house from the neighboring plots, but from inside you get a perfect view of the lakes and countryside.

Diagram of the battens
Inside the private residence in Riedikon | Photos © courtesy of gramaziokohler, Walter Mair