Magenta, purple and grass green
Jun 18, 2013

Everyone in Austria knows the BIPA logo: a magenta square featuring the lettering of the country’s no. 1 chemist and drugstore. BEHF Architekten designed a new BIPA headquarter for the location near Neudorf, a village not far from Vienna – it will form part of the comb-like structure erected for its parent group, REWE. From the outside, the window bands and a gray façade give the elevated building the elegant appeal of understatement. By contrast, the interior communicates a young look that is colorful and trendy – and reflects the group’s image to a tee. By choosing magenta, purple and grass green to embellish BIPA’s two office floors, the interior designers opted for a color palette that is a real eye-catcher thanks to its unusual freshness and intensity.

The shades enjoy a strong presence in the foyer and communication zones, while they add random splashes of color in the working zones along the facades, where grays and whites tend to set the tone. Thanks to the depth of the building it was possible to divide the office space into three separate zones. The central section was transformed into a vibrant communication zone that connects the two floors via a spacious stairwell, which is expected to help foster contact between employees – as expressly desired by the management: “Behind BIPA there is a young and dynamic team that excels at fast, powerful communication. It was therefore important for us to create special areas that will encourage people to share their knowledge and expertise.” Sofas and a selection of armchairs by Bene will do their bit to create an open atmosphere.

The Causeway upholstery has a fixed position here; its vertical partitions create a sense of privacy, as does the comfy sofa that emulates the look of a wing chair. By contrast, so-called pop-up stools (round low seats that can be moved up to the sofas on concealed rollers) make for considerably more flexibility. Providing an ideal setting for off-the-cuff or organized meetings, brainstorming sessions or a casual chat among colleagues. The funky upholstered furniture by Bene blends perfectly with the desired color scheme – as do the subdued tones of the office furniture in the quiet zones on the periphery. Gray and white are the predominant shades here, with partitions and Rondo conference chairs setting bright and colorful accents. And should the time come when these colors no longer reflect BIPA’s corporate identity the textiles can simply be replaced.

The BIPA logo on the gray façade heralds the interior color scheme. Photo: © Bene AG
The BIPA logo on the gray façade heralds the interior color scheme. Photo: © Bene AG
The carpet’s pixel pattern becomes more colorful towards the center. Photo: © Bene AG
The white of the walls and office furniture works to accentuate the signal effect of magenta. Photo: © Bene AG
The internal staircase takes us from the magenta communication zone into surprisingly bright areas suffused with light. Photo: © Bene AG
Calming down: Dark purple partitions separate the photocopier from the workstations. Photo: © Bene AG
Magenta – BIPA’s CI color – sets the tone in the center of the offices. Photo: © Bene AG
Flexible pop-up stools and upholstered furniture by Bene in the selected shades. Photo: © Bene AG
The idea is that large staircase as the central link that connects the two floors will foster communication between employees. Photo: © Bene AG
The bright shades are gradually replaced by whites and grays towards the workstations next to the window bands. Photo: © Bene AG