May the water flow for this purpose
Mar 11, 2010

That unloved drain, in the middle of the shower tray, for long it has seemed to be a necessary evil that marred the image of the classic bathroom. High-grade bathroom tiles, exclusive fittings, furniture and crafted accessories, and then, beneath it all, a utility drain cover made of stainless steel or with a chromed steel finish.

How different the shower drain systems from Dallmer: They are adapted to their surroundings in terms of both shape and materials used, meaning that the covers integrate smoothly with the visual appearance of the wall or floor. All that remains is a thin shadow of a seam via which the water apparently drains away invisibly.
Moreover, the new standard version of the "CeraLine" drain covers come in high-grade materials. The covers are thus available with a large range of different exclusive surface finishes, for example clear or colored glass, polished or satin/black stainless steel, and even in teak. With a depth of only 90 millimeters the "CeraLine" shower drain can even be used in the tightest of corners, either positioned directly next to the wall or into the floor.