Mirror, glass and dual usage
von | Jul 22, 2010

The owner's favorite hobby is dancing, as Junichi Sampei reports. The Japanese architect from A.L.X. was given the task of combining a new residential building in the Japanese city of Yokohama with the requirements of a dance studio. The largest room in the house, the combined living and dining room, was to double up as a dance studio. This required that the arrangement of other rooms be very precisely planned, not least to achieve the best possible sound quality.

Given the really small footprint of the property, the massive cube of white fair-faced concrete tapers off at the ground floor level and thus frees up space on the ground. Inside, a spacious living room or dancing room opens up. This impression is intensified with white coloration and mirrored walls. When the room is required as a living room the curtains can be closed, making the atmosphere considerably more homelike.

A.L.X architects label xain

'Dancing Living House', Yokohama, Japan | all photos © A.L.X architects label xain