More design for walls and ceilings
von | Nov 22, 2011

Perforated wooden panels are often used for acoustic walls and ceilings. Hitherto, there was very little scope for the design of the panels, as the focus was on keeping production costs as low as possible. The technical advances have in the course of time created ever greater opportunities for the design. French company Oberflex has now seized the opportunity to develop a collection of acoustic wall and ceiling modules that offer far more than just prime acoustics. The selection is immense, ranging from pierced columns, or lines interrupted by a hole, or short and long lines that seemingly resemble the chaos of a shower of rain. The collection is called "Obersound" and is the brainchild of French quartet 5.5 Designer. The four likewise attached great importance to the presentation of the wooden panels, by elaborately staging and photographing the individual products.
Incidentally, 5.5 Designer has also created the new generation of acoustic panels for Oberflex. The new collection is called "Tectonique" as recently went on show for the first time at the "Batimat" trade fair in Paris – available for purchase as of summer 2012.

Collection Obersound by Oberflex | All photos © Oberflex