Natural acrylic stone as a design element
von | Jun 29, 2012

The BW-Bank branch office in Stuttgart’s Königstraße reopened in February 2012 after being converted to plans created by Wittfoht Architekten. When seeking a new spatial concept for the branch in the extended rectangular building, the planners chose the circle as a structuring element: it is destined to symbolize the bank’s smooth workflow and client contacts. And as regards the financial industry it metaphorically reflects banking cycles.

The circle as a design element is to be found in all levels of the building. On the ground floor there is a round opening in the middle of the ceiling affording a view up into the floors above. Three differently sized luminescent rings hang from the ceiling, reiterating and advancing the structural principle of the circle, through to the cylinder-shaped vitrines of the Coins Chamber on the upper floor, the base of which is made of HI-MACS® natural acrylic stone from LG in a Lucent Opal color.

On entering the lobby, the color coding and the design guides visitors to the reception desk, the cash desks and the service areas – all of which are likewise made of HI-MACS®. The room dividers, pillars and counter tops are also produced from this thermally molded material – processed by Rosskopf & Partner for the Stuttgart BW-Bank branch office.

HI-MACS® is similar in strength to stone, but can be worked like in wood and is especially suited for designing seamless spatial elements.

Rosskopf & Partner, which manufactured the HI-MACS construction elements for BW-Bank’s Stuttgart branch, specializes in the processing of solid surface materials.

The vitrines in the coins chamber and the ceiling cylinders are all made of HI-MACS® natural acrylic stone, photo © Andreas Körner
The self-service area is integrated into a monolithic room divider made of HI-MACS that appears to float, photo © Andreas Körner
The service desks in the entrance area are made of HI-MACS®, photo © Andreas Körner
The trays beneath the ATMs are molded from HI-MACS®, photo © Andreas Körner
The interior design follows the idea of a circle: three differently sized luminescent rings are suspended between the floors of Stuttgart’s BW-Bank, photo © Andreas Körner
View through the round opening of the ceiling into the basement of the BW-Bank branch, photo © Andreas Körner
The wall design and the leather bench in the service area are made in restrained gray and beige, photo © Andreas Körner
The beige-gray colors visually subdivide the large wall surfaces, photo © Andreas Körner
The white monolithic block of HI-MACS® is visually structured by the use of beige and gray, photo © Andreas Körner