Non-combustible wall coverings
von | 5/9/2011

In spaces that constitute escape routes and emergency exits, as well as hallways and stairwells, the law requires non-combustible wall and ceiling coverings made of A2-class materials. During future fire safety inspections, particular attention will be paid to the non-combustibility of coated panels, i.e., that both the base panel and all coatings are non-combustible. Hitherto these strict fire safety regulations often restricted design to using less refined materials. And in addition to safety requirements, architects insist on high aesthetic quality. The paneling system “Firewood” not only satisfies the high fire safety requirements, but also the desire for a sophisticated look for high-quality wooden surfaces.

The natural wood veneer panels – also available in large sizes – possess the necessary non-combustible properties, including in the veneer edgings as well as the varnish. Moreover, they display high stability. When mounted on metal substructures, the product is best suited for installation in escape and emergency routes, stairwells, airports and places of assembly that are over 1,000 square meters in size.

In addition to the sleek standard design, “Firewoodacoustic” – a perforated, that is to say, slotted version – is also available, providing excellent spatial acoustics. Naturally, this version is also certified with construction material class “non-combustible, A2 as composite material”. Individually chosen images can even be incorporated into the perforated surface upon request. Furthermore, the sound-absorbing materials attached to the reverse-side of the paneling further improve its acoustic properties.

The core of gypsum - the surface of wood: walnut veneer, not edged
Wall and ceiling covering "Firewood" by Lindner | All photos © Lindner Group
Example: cherry veneer, edged
Sound measurement of a Firewood - panel with perforation "8/8-3" in the echo chamber, hole diameter 8 mm, free area 11% aw = 0.85 (-); sound absorption class B (Kühn and Blickle, 08/05/2009)