Non-slip fun at the pool
von | Aug 15, 2012

Splashing, frolicking, running – and all of this on wet floor tiles at the pool. Surely that’s a bit dangerous? Not now, as with “Pure Siena” tiles by specialist Mydeck no one will be falling on their face. After all, not only have they been awarded the top rating (C) for wet, bare-foot areas as well a slip resistance rating of R11, being solidly produced and with very similar processing qualities to wood they offer many options in terms of design too. The entire “Pure” collection works with a tongue-and-groove system allowing for easy, screw-free assembly.

Following their positive experiences in the Maria-Einsiedel-Bad and Dantebad, the third time round, the city of Munich once again chose to use pressed-composite tiles by Mydeck in its Westbad. Designers created a bathing landscape boasting fountains, streams and pools, the surrounding surfaces all fitted with “Pure Siena” tiles – like steps, they ascend up away from the pools, such that the surfaces can be used as pool-side lounging areas and attentive parents can keep an eye on their little ones at all times. In additions, a series of awnings stretch out across the water, providing some shade for the youngest bathers.

A total of 150 square-meters of Mydeck “Pure Siena” tiles were laid at Munich’s Westbad. They are splinter-free and boast a slightly mottled finish.

Mydeck tiles are assembled using a tongue and groove system, with no visible screws, photo © Mydeck, Jana Horn
Trees provide shade in the lounging areas, also laid with Mydeck tiles, photo © Mydeck, Jana Horn
“Pure Siena” floor tiles are splinter-free and non-slip, making them ideal for use in the pool area, photo © Mydeck, Jana Horn
Stretched-out awnings created shady retreats, photo © Mydeck, Jana Horn
The lounging areas at Munich’s Westbad have been fitted with “Pure Siena” floor tiles by Mydeck. From here bathers are able to look down to the various pools complete with fountains and waterways, photo © Mydeck, Jana Horn
Westbad is now the third open-air pool in the Bavarian capital to be fitted with Mydeck tiles, photo © Mydeck, Jana Horn
Mydeck tiles have a slightly mottled finish, based on the natural patterns found in real wood, photo © Mydeck, Jana Horn
View of Munich’s Westbad, photo © Mydeck, Jana Horn