On rocky ground – the Mortensrud Church in Oslo by Jensen & Skodvin
von | Mar 28, 2012

The Mortensrud Church stands on the crest of a hill in a dense pine forest outside Oslo. The quite extraordinary building was designed by Norway's Jensen & Skodvin Architekten. Instead of freeing the foundations for the site of all the sharp rocks and all unevenness, the planners' concept focused on consistently incorporating these natural elements into the edifice. Like small rocks islands various rock formations simply protrude through the terrazzo floor. And some of the trees have likewise been preserves, integrated into light-filled atriums inside the building.
A frame of steel and glass goes to make up the main body of the church, and the glass surrounds wrap round the plain stone walls of the building like a fragile protective skin – through the interstices between the stones light falls into the interior. Together with the color of the slate, which changes as daylight progresses; this serves to create a religious atmosphere despite the quite manifest technical nature of the building's structure.

Mortensrud Church, Oslo, Norway by Jensen & Skodvin Architects | All photos © Jensen & Skodvin