Opaque light
Jul 29, 2010

Light is one of the most fundamental elements influencing our mood and feelings. It emphasizes, warms, cools and defines our rhythm. Light plays a defining role in architecture.

The Lumeo family luminaires and ceiling paneling by Durlum are architectural elements that adapt to special spatial situations and lighting requirements. Lumeo can be manufactured as a surface-mounted or flush-mounted version. Where the surface height is low a greater number of illuminants is fitted to achieve an even lighting.

Lumeo lighting technology adapts to the existing circumstances. Depending on intention, room height and light color Lumeo can be attuned to the respective project. It is also possible to have dynamic color scenarios operate so as to produce various perceptions and moods. A special feature of the luminaire family are the covers of Durosatin, a flexible, opaque, very durable synthetic material that is highly flame retardant and qualifies for fire protection class B1.

LUMEO®-R fitting lamps by Durlum | BNP Paribas, Genva, photo © Didier Jordan
LUMEO®-R fitting lamps by Durlum | BNP Paribas, Genva, photo © Didier Jordan
photo © Didier Jordan
James Zürich | photo © Rainer Keser
LUMEO®-Q surface mounted luminaire | photo © Durlum
LUMEO®-D, Albert-Ludwig-Universität, Freiburg | photo © Miguel Babo
Detail LUMEO®-D, Villa, Linz | photo © MM Video-Fotowerbung, Kaufungen
Detail DUROSATIN® | photo © Durlum
LUMEO®-R, Laser Vista AG, Zürich | photo © Roger Frei
LUMEO®-R surface mounted luminaire, Raiffeisenbank Visp | photo © Durlum
LUMEO®-R pendant lamp, Castle Braunschweig | photo © MM Video-Fotowerbung, Kaufungen
LUMEO®-Q surface mounted luminaire, Technische Berufsschule, Zürich | photo © Roger Frei
Detail LUMEO®-D, private residence | photo © MM Video-Fotowerbung, Kaufungen