Picnic in the office
von | Sep 15, 2015

It should be functional, but not dull, cozy but not overly playful: the ideal office to create a productive and motivating atmosphere for staff. At least according to Turkish architect’s office Studio Vertebra, which in 2014 fitted out the premises of market research firm “GFK in Istanbul – with workplace systems by Nurus that underscore the firm’s serious character while lending it a friendly air.

Thanks to the visible steel girders and high ceilings the offices have a typical industrial charm. The architects wanted to retain this while designing a cozy office. No easy task as they had to accommodate some 340 employees on two floors covering a total of 2,856 square meters. The architects divided the premises into different zones, which offer both set and touchdown workplaces. A further division into communicative and quiet zones serves to meet the varying workplace requirements. On the ground floor opposite a large window planners installed a spacious, informal meeting zone, which with comfortable sofas from the “Flat” series invites colleagues to chat easily. In design terms the coffee-colored seats are restrained as is the simple “Drop” table in light gray, which is lent a stylish note through small “cut outs” on the table edge.

For talks and phone calls requiring greater quiet employees have the so-called “Call Center”: smaller rooms that are ideal for talks with customers. On the first floor there is a classic open-plan office, where everyone has a set place – that not only helps keep things clear, but also ensures each individual has their own small home base, which conveys familiarity. Here, too the architects omitted any superfluous fittings. Functional, white desks from the “Silva” line help staff focus on their work and are combined with matching storage units on wheels from the “Cube” series offering sufficient storage space. The office swivel chairs “Breeze” with ergonomically-shaped, flexible backrests literally let occupants “relax” while their fresh orange color makes for variety. But the open-plan office on the first floor is not that classic after all: If there is something to be discussed in a team up to four people can use the workplace system “Picnic”. A spacious table with integrated benches, recalling the typical “picnic areas” in parks that playfully breaks up the austere arrangement of the rows of desks.

Picnic break in the open-plan office: The “Picnic” table joyfully interrupts the austere lines of desks on the first floor. Photo © Nurus
An eyecatcher in the conference room and homage to Modernism: the cozy armchair “Greta” in a strong violet. Photo © Nurus
Fresh colors and purist silhouettes: Lined up prettily the conference room on the ground floor was furnished with a small armada of chairs from the “Eon” line in tulip red, blue-gray and lime green. Photo © Nurus
Informal discussions: get cozy with “Flat” armchairs and the streamlined “Drop” tables. Photo © Nurus
A fresh breathe of air: The bright red office swivel chairs from the “Breeze” line not only make for variety, but also adapt to the occupant’s weight. The white workspace system “Silva” has no distracting extras allowing staff to concentrate on work. Photo © Nurus
With a broad seating area and asymmetrical backrest the sofa “Hi&Lo” transforms every conference room into a small lounge. Photo © Nurus