Poplar, Koto and Ayous veneers
May 1, 2001

The surfaces of wood laminates consist of reconstituted veneers. All used timber comes from lasting controlled areas of cultivable land. For the production of reconstituted veneers, peeled veneers from poplar-, koto- and ayous wood are partly dyed, rejoined together in layers and pressed to a block from which the reconstituted veneers are sliced. By putting together differently dyed veneers and using special methods of pressing the most popular, even exotic species of timber can be reproduced. Valuable resources are saved this way, without having to give up special and extravagant decors.

These reconstituted veneers are pressed into laminates. The surface is finally lacquered or melamine coated, inspected and covered with a protective film. Due to the manufacturing process the appearances of the veneer deviate only slightly from laminate to laminate or from samples and illustrations. However, it is a natural product with all the typical characteristics of wood.

Real wood veneers by Homapal | Photo collage © Stylepark
Real wood veneers by Homapal | Photo collage © Stylepark