Resilient flooring system
von | Jan 31, 2011

The Lindner Group's "Floor and more power" hollow flooring system is an extremely robust, modular flooring system used in production plants, museums, and libraries in order to withstand heavy duty. The flooring can be used a mere 24 hours after being installed, even by heavy lifting equipment. Given the special blend of calcium-sulfate base panels and reinforced hollow floor supports, no additional reinforcement profiles are required: the practical modules are just pushed into one another and stuck together.

The hollow flooring system is suitable for both elastic and textile coverings, though these are not suitable for heavy loads, as well as for stone and robust stone finishes. Lindner has a full range of corresponding products available.

Modular Structure in Detail: The panels are between 24 and 44 millimeters thick and withstand loads between 2 and 6 kN | Rendering © Lindner
Neues Museum Berlin | Photo © Lindner Group
The floor system "Floor and more power" in the Neues Museum Berlin | Photo © Lindner Group
The hollow flooring system was developed with quick and easy installation in mind. The panels have an interlocking tongue and groove edge.