Restaurant in Slovenia by AKSL Architects
von | Sep 29, 2011

The Slovenian "Evergreen" restaurant is located in a vast house built on wooden stilts. AKSL architects, who are based in Ljubljana, have both modernized the cabin for use as a restaurant and also handled the interior design. At Restaurant Evergreen you can simply to enjoy time in front of the open fireplace, take a drink at the bar, or be served in the spacious dining room. From here you get a breathtaking view of the green world of the surrounding mountains.

Floor- and Pendant luminaires: Custom made by Almira Sadar
Restaurant Evergreen in Smlednik, Slovenia. Designed by AKSL arhitekti | All photos © AKSL arhitekti
Sofa, coffe tables and lounge chairs: All custom made - coffe tables made by studio drevo