Restaurant “Twenty Five Lusk” in San Francisco by CCS Architecture
von | Nov 7, 2011

The "Twenty Five Lusk" Restaurant is located in downtown San Francisco. An old smokehouse from the early days of the 20th century was stripped out and converted into a high-end, new American restaurant. The old oak beams were exposed and contrast gracefully with the array of new materials added to the interior, such as stainless steel, glass, plaster, leather, faux fur, concrete and brick.
The two-level restaurant is sub-divided into different zones, such as the bar, the main eating areas, and more private rooms. For example, in the lounge you can spend comfortable time with friends around the open hearths that hang from the ceiling. The upper floor is home to the dining area and the kitchen. From the open gallery you look down over the lounge but also have a great view of the cooks preparing the dishes. The restaurant was designed by San Francisco's CCS Architecture.

„Twenty Five Lusk“ in San Francisco von CCS Architecture | All photos © Paul Dyer; San Francisco, CA