Roll out, unfurl, set sail!
Sep 17, 2015

A garden with a snow-white terrace and sky-blue pool – the owner of Mars swimming pool technologies recently made this dream of his come true on his private property in the town of Hückeswagen in North Rhine-Westphalia. The requirements: The sun sail should not only provide shade on sunny days but also enhance the representative ambience, as the pool doubles up as a showpiece for potential customers. Local manufacturers C4Sun came up with the solution: The client had a square sail from the “square4sun” series custom-made in the company’s own factory, which was then fitted on site by qualified specialist staff, using the exterior wall of the house and two square poles on the edge of the pool. The floor area did not allow for a concrete or bolted foundation to secure the poles in the ground, however, the manufacturer came up with a suitable solution by using a personalized system made up of the connecting units of the sails and the poles: He developed so-called “cubes” that not only weigh down the poles at the base, but can also be used for decorative purposes.

Thanks to its curved silhouette and delicate, translucent fabric made of robust high-tech thread, the sail appears unusually light and blends exquisitely with the terrace’s color design. The use of special “Clouth” profiles enables a 3D-harnessing technique that is unique for sun sails and allows the covering to unfurl automatically. This exceptionally aesthetic solution lends the sun sail a three-dimensional quality. While the functionality is equally convincing: Thanks to a sophisticated wind pressure relief system, it can be comfortably rolled up and unfurled, adapting to the at times unpredictable weather conditions in the Bergisches Land area.

High quality materials such as robust high-tech textiles and stainless steel provide long-term protection – not just from the sun but also from the rain. If things get really blustery, the sail provides a high degree of stability and protection from overload even in the case of gale force winds, thanks to a weight-controlled wind-pressure relief system, as this smart technology ensures a minor and constant load absorption of the weather-induced waves. Along with comprehensive planning and implementation, C4Sun also offers optional sensor-controlled wind and sun automatic systems. It’s the manufacturer’s versatile expertise that provides architects and planners with ample scope for realizing their individual design ideas.


Setting sail at the home swimming pool: The square sail “square4sun” by C4Sun provides shade and thanks to its softly curving silhouette and colorfast high performance fabric makes for an aesthetic highlight. Photo © C4Sun

Handmade special profiles named “Clouth Profiles” ensure the sail unfurls automatically, meaning that water can drain away unhindered in case it rains.
Photo © C4Sun

Impervious to all sorts of weathers: The “Weathermax 80” high-performance fabric is particularly robust and tear-proof. A wind pressure relief system in the pylon ensures stability even during strong winds. The custom-made sails were awarded the “Red Dot Design Award” and the “R+T Innovation Prize”. Photo © C4Sun