Rough stone – smooth steel
von | Oct 8, 2012

Italian artist Fabrizio Plessi has made one of his dreams come true on the sunny Balearic Island of Mallorca, in the form of Finca Sa Pedra. The renovated and converted house made of large, rough, yellow sandstone blocks is surrounded by cornfields and olive trees. The stone also informs the flair of the light-flooded rooms, complemented by white walls and a minimalist interior design concept.

At Sa Pedra nature is an integral part of the architecture and enters into dialog with modern design elements. In the former barn exposed stones on the floor lead to the seating in what is now a lounge area. Through the old wooden door in the bathroom you can see a modern Corian washbasin and in the kitchen the stainless-steel “Convivium” by Italian kitchen manufacturer Arclinea contrasts starkly with the rough sandstone outer walls. Here, nature and technology harmonize.

The “Convivium” kitchen island is 7.2 meters long and fills the elongated kitchen area. The work surface is 20 centimeters high. The flat extractor hood “Hide” above the stove, likewise from Arclinea, is almost invisible. It is attached to a height-adjustable base and fitted with LED lights.

Olive trees surround the rocky refuge, photo © Nicolas Matheus
The washbasin made of modern Corian harmonizes with the old walls, photo © Nicolas Matheus
The white interior design of the finca suits the artist’s minimalist décor, photo © Nicolas Matheus
Nature is also evident in the bedroom: The bedframe is made of olive wood, photo © Nicolas Matheus
Protected from prying eyes: the pool behind the house, photo © Nicolas Matheus
As though hewn from a rock: Italian artist Fabrizio Plessi’s Finca Sa Pedra on Mallorca, photo © Nicolas Matheus
The rocky ground doesn’t even stop at the door, photo © Nicolas Matheus
Contrasting materials: stone wall and “Convivium” stainless-steel kitchen island by Arclinea, photo © Nicolas Matheus
The former barn is now a lounge area with a rocky floor, photo © Nicolas Matheus
The stone walls determine the design of the interior and exterior space, photo © Nicolas Matheus
The entrance to Finca Sa Pedra, photo © Nicolas Matheus