Rural urban interaction – the harmonious interaction between town and country
Jun 1, 2010

The Swiss Pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai reflects the symbiotic, networked, and interactive relationship between town and country in Switzerland. In line with the "rural-urban interaction" theme the architects, Buchner Bründler from Basle, designed a pavilion comprising two massive concrete mushrooms spanned by wire mesh. Even the façade, planned in collaboration with iart interactive ag, is designed such that even from a distance Switzerland is portrayed as an innovative, technologically advanced and ecologically conscious nation. The Swiss idea of the city of the city of the future gradually becomes apparent on closer inspection of the façade elements, by testing its interactive capabilities and by entering the pavilion: a hybrid, networked city, in which nature and technology, innovative power and sustainability, individual and community interact symbiotically. Backed up by the architectural division, in-depth exploration of the themes is guaranteed through technological and media insights into the Swiss countryside and its population.

The curtain for the 3,800-square-meter, 15-meter high façade comprises galvanized wire mesh made by Carl Stahl, who in addition to manufacturing, delivering, and assembling the entire façade were also responsible for the structural engineering. The mesh structure also boats innumerable plate-size red dots, which catch the eye from afar.

The façade elements integrated in the curtain each have an energy generator, a storage facility and a consumer in the form of an LED. The energy generated is made visible in the form of white flashes triggered by influences on the pavilion, such as sun, wind and visitors' flash lights. This way "environmental influences" around the Swiss Pavilion are made directly visible and visitors' attention drawn to them.

iart interactive in collaboration with tegoro solutions was responsible for the concept and planning for and implementation of this interactive façade. The Swiss company Nüssli AG assumed responsibility for the overall coordination of the pavilion's construction and the exhibition.

Swiss Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo 2010. Illustrations © Stylepark All photos © Mark Niedermann, iart interactive ag
Swiss Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo 2010. Illustrations © Stylepark All photos © Mark Niedermann, iart interactive ag